About me

About me

Bonjour 👋

I'm Elric Legloire.

I'm the EMEA SDR Manager at Chili Piper, an inbound conversion software, used by top B2B customer-facing teams like Intuit, Twilio, Spotify, and Gong.

Before joining Chili Piper, I was an SDR and an SDR manager at B2B startups where I built the foundation of my perspective on sales development.

I'm also Co-Founder of SDR Game, a community for SDRs where I share innovative strategy, advice and tangible tactics to over 800 SDRs.  

My story

I live, breathe, and love SDR and prospecting.

After getting my Master's degree. I got my first job, in marketing.

I thought my degree was useless.

Because what I was doing, was completely different from what I've learned.

I didn't know what to do in my professional life.

I didn't know what I was good at or if I was going to be successful.

I never had a great manager, coaching, not be develop or a mentor.

In 2017, I read the book Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross, and started prospecting.

I was blown away, I learned more by reading this book than I did in my 5 years of studying.

That's how I got into sales.

So, I made a commitment that I wouldn't let that happen to other people.

I want to be the leader, the leader who wasn’t there for me, for my team.

To make sure people get coached, get help, skills developed necessaries to be successful in their SDR role.

My mission is to make my team, and SDR better.

Let's connect

I love working with smart and interesting people from all walks of life.

If you have an idea for a collaboration, want to work with me directly for consulting, speaking, or for SDR Game sponsorships, then let's chat.

You can send me an email at: bonjour [at] elriclegloire [dot] com

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