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SDR Game #8 - Follow-ups: 3 easy ways to increase your reply rate

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Here're 3 ways you can use follow-ups to increase your reply rate.

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PS: Last week I've promoted to Enterprise SDR manager, so I'm super excited because it gives me so many ideas on new topics for this newsletter: how to prospect an enterprise account, how to use a 10k report, and account mapping, etc.

PPS: On Monday I'm invited by the Predictable Revenue team to talk about why the SDR job is not a junior role anymore, if you want to join, you can register here we'll be live at 8:30 am PST.

In today's issue, I'm sharing 3 ways you can use to follow up with your prospects.

Before we start, what's a follow-up email or a bump email?

It's a short email you send to the same thread as another email.

You are not sending a new email to your prospect.

You talk about the previous email you sent to get a reply.

Follow-ups are so underrated to get replies from your prospects.

So few people use them in their sequences.

That's a mistake because it's simple to get a reply.

Some other common mistakes I see:

  • Say that the prospect didn't respond. Blaming someone for not replying is not a good start to a conversation.
  • I send you this message to put it at the top of your inbox.
  • Adding no value

Now that we know what a follow-up email is.

When can you send one?

  • After sending an email in the same thread, follow up on the email and ensure your prospect reads it.
  • After getting a reply or an objection from a prospect. This one, Joey Williams my peer at Chili Piper showed me the power of why you need to fo

Please note that follow-ups work well if the first email in your thread is relevant to your prospects because if your email is not, you will get negative replies like:

My thoughts: unsubscribe

So here're 3 ways to follow up:

  • Simple
  • Educate
  • Funny

#1 Simple

This one is really simple to implement.

You can add them right now while reading this newsletter.

  • Any thoughts?
  • Any feedback?
  • Is {{Colleague}} the right person to talk to about this?
  • Just called you with this number {{phone number}}, can we talk about my previous email?
  • Any feedback about my previous email?

#2 Educate

This one is my favorite with those 3 ways.

When following up, educate your prospects.

2 weeks ago, in the newsletter: 6 tips on how to be a top SDR I shared that you need to consume your prospects content to understand them.

One way to use this content after listening to it, is by including it in your follow up.


Any thoughts?

PS: Sharing this article {{Article+hyperlink}}, and thought you might like it, especially this part: {{topic that matters to your persona or prospect}}

Here's another example, with this email I booked more than 10 demos.

#3 Fun

Prospects receive many boring emails, so have so fun in your outreach and your follow-ups.

You can use memes or GIFs to make them laugh to get a reply.

Love all the creativity Mattia Schaper has with her follow-ups to get replies from her prospects.

Here're some examples you can use:

Use Imgflig if you want to create memes.

Some other ideas you can use to follow up:

  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Case studies

Why use follow-up emails?

  • Make sure that an email you took some time to write is read by your prospect or they open it.
  • Quick and easy to answer.
  • Short and some can be automated.
  • Easy to implement to get results.

I've seen sequences with 2 follow-up emails in the same thread of 1 email, I never tried that but will start with the enterprise team. So I'll let you know if it works for us.

So, there we go. Thanks for reading.

That's all for this Sunday. 3 simple ways for SDRs.

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See you again next Sunday.



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