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SDR Game #3 - Account list: A guide to increasing your prospecting efficiency

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Here's 1 simple tip on how you work your account list.

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If you want to level up your results, you need to rank your accounts, and prospects to level up your results.

As an SDR, it helped me hit my quota for months.

I've learned this over the past years: ranking my accounts, prospects, and sequences.

Because you need to rank based if your prospects know you or your company. If they know you, you will increase your chances to get a reply from them.

Unfortunately, so many SDRs don't do it, they just go to their list, 1 account at a time with no strategy.

Here's a simple 5 step process to increase your meetings booked.

Step 1: Import your account list on Sales Nav

First step of this process: to review your accounts and prospects quicker.

We talked about this, last week: SDR Game #2 - 7 Tips for using Sales Nav to improve your prospecting.

Here's a quick recap to import your list on Sales Nav:

  • Step 1: Export your CRM account list as a CSV
  • Step 2: Go on Sales Nav, click on Account lists
  • Step 3: Click on + Create account list
  • Step 4: Click on Upload accounts from CSV
  • Step 5: Click on continue
  • Step 6: Upload your CSV file
  • Step 7: Map fields with your CSV file
  • Step 8: Name list
  • Step 9: The list is ready.

Step 2: Review your new accounts

Think about the accounts you have for the quarter and how you can rank them.

The ones that already know you to the coldest.

Focus on those accounts that might book a meeting. Because they have an external trigger or a previous conversation with your company.

#1 Previous opportunities: closed lost, disqualified, no shows from your list: Go to your list in your CRM and sort your accounts with past opportunities.

#2 Previous customers who just joined a prospect company: you can use the tip shared last week.

#3 Common VC to your company and customers: Google the company name + Crunchbase or use Crunchbase Chrome Extension on your prospect website -> Go to Financials/Investors -> Cross check the list with your company investors.

#4 New executives who joined the company in the last 90 days: go on Sales Nav -> Account Lists -> Your list -> Click on "With senior leadership changes in the last 3 months".

#5 Hypergrowth: now that you have all your accounts saved to Sales Nav (after importing them).

Go to Sales Nav homepage -> Go All alerts then Click "Accounts" -> Go to "Filter account alerts" then click "Account Growth".

Now you have a list of accounts that are hiring.

#6 Company funding: check your accounts with recent funding events.

Go to Sales Nav -> Account Lists -> Your list -> Click on "Accounts with funding events in the past 12 months".

On your website prospect, use Crunchbase Chrome Extension,

#7 Cold accounts: at the end go to your accounts with no external triggers that you can use  

Step 3: Max out your commissions

Think about how you can max out your commissions.

Do you have commissions depending on the size of the company? Or the size of your sourced opportunities?

If so, you need to rank those accounts: with the size of the company or the size of the team of your potential users.

At Chili Piper, I rank them with the size of the sales team.

Double down on this if you can double your commissions or more.

Step 4: Rank your prospects

Now that you have your accounts, rank your prospects inside of them.

Start with those who already know your company to the coldest.

  1. Closed lost opp: who was involved? Are they still working at the company?
  2. Disqualified: is your product evolved and can help your prospect now? Now is a good time to reach out to the prospect that got the demo. Example: at Chili Piper in 2020, our product could only integrate with Salesforce. In 2021, we released our integrations with Hubspot CRM. So we've reached out to all companies using Hubspot CRM that got a demo of Chili Piper in the past.
  3. No shows: they said yes to another SDR or AE but didn't show to the meeting. So they might change their priorities and now might be a good time to restart the conversation.
  4. A customer who joined one of your accounts: they are more open to having a conversation about your product because they already used it in the past.
  5. Previous conversations with another SDR or AE: Go to your Sales Engagement Platform and check the previous conversations.
  6. Emails with high opens in the past: one or different emails caught your prospect's attention in the past.
  7. Following your company on LinkedIn: easier to start a conversation
  8. New executives who started at the company in the last 90 days: People who just get a new job are more open to new ideas.
  9. Cold prospects: same as with your accounts. Go at the end to your prospects that don't know you or your company.

Step 5: Rank your sequences

Same here than accounts or the customers you’re going after.

Now that you’ve added your accounts and prospects to your sequences, rank them to deliver results.

In your Sales Engagement Platform, if you can rank them do it or use the list below to rank them:

  1. Closed lost, disqualified opps, and no shows sequences: Use the notes from your AEs to restart the conversation with your prospects.
  2. Previous customer sequence:
  3. Mention the previous conversations
  4. Focus on the emails with high opens
  5. Following your company on LinkedIn
  6. New executives
  7. Cold cadences


Step 1: Import your accounts into Sales Nav

Step 2: Review your new accounts

Step 3: Max out your commissions

Step 4: Rank your prospects

Step 5: Rank your sequences

Q2 is off to a great start. It's going to be a BIG quarter. Let’s get it.

So, there we go. Thanks for reading.

That's all for this Sunday. 1 simple tip for SDRs.

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