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SDR Game #4 - 6 tips for preventing no-shows

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Happy Sunday to 671 motivated SDRs.

Here're 6 simple tips on how to prevent no-shows.

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PS: glad to be back, I wasn't really active on LinkedIn lately, I took some time off and this week got the flu for 4 days. But now I'm back.

This week, I'm going to show you how you can prevent no-shows.

If you follow those tips, you will increase the number of meeting performed by your AEs.

And as an end result, increase your results.

Unfortunately, so many SDRs just focus on booking the meeting, and that's it. They don't think about the prospect who needs to get on the demo.

Your prospects won't show because they want to. You need a system.

Here're 6 tips to prevent no-shows.

Tip #1: Create relevant reminders

Step 1: Create 2-3 templates for your relevant personas.

Per persona and seniority.

For example: create templates for an SDR manager vs a Sales Director vs a VP of Sales.

Step 2: Schedule 1 email: 7 days before the meeting. Another one: 4 days before. The last one: the day before.

If the meeting is within 3 days just send 1 relevant reminder the day before.

Within each email, include:

  1. 1 piece of content: 1 article, 1 podcast episode, etc. Works best if it's from a 3rd party creator/subject matter expert: not your company content.
  2. 1 sentence explaining why they will enjoy it.
  3. A reminder of the demo and the agenda

You can update your temples once a month, and replace your old content with the most recent content. Talk about the relevant product's features to the persona.

Tip #2: Send automatic reminders

You can create 2 automatic reminders to prevent no-shows.

1h before the demo: have your customer prepared for the call. It's also a good time to add your reschedule link if your prospect needs to reschedule and add the call's agenda.

5 min before the call: in this one: you share the phone number or the Zoom link, so your prospect just needs to click on it. They don't need to go to their calendar to find the information to start the video conference.

Tip #3: Cold call: ask the customer to accept the meeting before you hang up

This one is very simple.

When you book a meeting on the phone.

Ask for the email address of your prospect

Send the meeting before you hang up and ask the customer to accept the meeting.

It helps you to verify their email address + have them accept the meeting on the spot.

Tip #4: what to do if your prospect didn't accept the meeting  

Your goal is to get a reply: yes, or no.

Send a message a week before and 1 email before the meeting.

The week before: I send you the Zoom link of Thursday's call.

The day before:

Hey {{Prospect}}, saw that you didn't accept the invite, do you want to reschedule?

You need to ask to get at least a reply. It's better to get a no, than getting a no show.

Tip #5: The questions you need to ask yourself

  • When was the meeting booked? Ideally within 3 days. Maximum 14 days.
  • Did the prospect accept the invite when I was speaking to him on the phone?
  • Do you "sell" the meeting?
  • Does the prospect talk about a problem and a reason to get on the demo?
  • Who's on the demo? Decision-maker? Champion? Influencer?
  • Prospect tone: does the prospect seem genuinely interested?

Tip #6: your prospect no-showed

Even though you did everything right.

Sometimes you will get some prospect who will no-show.

With them, your goal is to get a yes or a no.

Send them an email 3 min after the call started, then call them, then add them to your no-show sequence.

Be direct with your sequence:

{{first_name}}, have you given up on {{Fixing the problem your solution solves}}? Not a problem at all if you want to put this on ice for a bit.

So, there we go. Thanks for reading.

That's all for this Sunday. 5 simple tips for SDRs.

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See you again next Sunday.



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